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Understanding Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

With summer almost here, you may be considering trying to improve your BMI, not only for the sake of looking fitter, but an improved diet will inevitably positively affect other aspects of your health like your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure levels, both of which are important for healthy cardiac function.

As a guide you can calculate your BMI with this simple three-step method: 1. Multiply your weight in pounds by 703. 2. Divide the answer by your height (in inches) 3. Divide the answer again by your height (in inches) to obtain your BMI.

A normal BMI result should be in the region of 18.5-24.9. An overweight reading would be between 25-29.9, and if you are within this range you should consider your lifestyle choices. If you happen to have high blood pressure then you are advised to lose weight slowly, which not only is the healthiest way to lose weight, it increases the chances of long-term success. Exercise is key with a sensible ratio between calorie intake and calories "burned" each day.

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